I Can Do It Kids empower children through fun stories and rhythmical rhymes to courageously face their fears so they can confidently take on life’s challenges.   By embodying an I Can Do It attitude children build fundamental life skills like the importance of positive self-talk, how to overcome fear, and to not give up. These skills plus others introduced in our books when actualized at a young age help children grow up to be peaceful, productive and accomplished adults. 

I Can Do It Kids Science Series empower children to easily learn about science through fun stories and rhythmical rhymes.  Meet your child’s thirst for knowledge by awakening their desire to learn about science.  Our science books teach kids how things are created and what makes things tick.  Who knows, maybe you have the first person to live on Mars, cure cancer, or solve the climate change dilemma living under your roof, just waiting for their passion for science to come alive. Through a greater understanding of science, children can be empowered through knowledge and do great things in the world.

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