The Joneses Versus The Giant

The Joneses Versus The Giant

The Jones family, modern day adventurers, like to go on vacation where no one has ever gone before.  Mum and Dad drag Liam and Ann to an isolated section of the mountains where they set up camp, eat ice cream, and explore an uncharted cave.  Little do they know that deep underground lives a hungry Giant who captures Mum and Dad and starts to prepare them for his dinner.

When he saw Mum and Daddy he dropped the bowl in his hand,
And it landed on top of LIam and Ann.
Mom and Dad could have run without the kids and got out.
But instead faced the giant as he flashed the teeth in his snout.

It’s up to the kids to save their parents. 

“We can’t beat that monster unless we have a plan,
or that Giant will be cooking us up in a  pan.”
To free their parents they would have to work as a team,
So they put their heads together and came up with a scheme.

A modern day David versus Goliath where the kids have to use their brains, their wits, and their courage to attempt to defeat the giant.