Steve Raftery

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If you want a unique, powerful speaker that will get you and your kids fired up over science, you might consider booking Steve Raftery to be a speaker at your school or your next event.  Steve is a master at storytelling, turning complicated subjects into easy to understand information.  He does this by getting kids involved and making sure they have a blast.

Steve can fire up your audience speaking on a variety of scientific topics, all with passion and enthusiasm.  His speaking style is a mixture of fun and knowledge.  His goal with any event is to inspire children to love science and motivate them to follow their dreams of going to Mars, cleaning up the plastic ocean, living green, and so much more.

Each person will leaving with a better understanding of the topic and what they can do to make the world a better place.  Whether Steve is reading or speaking, Steve brings it home!

Some of Steve’s Topics include:

The Universe

Sub Atomic Particles

Earth Science

The Body


And More…

Mischelle Raftery

Want Mischelle Raftery To Speak At Your Next Event or at Your School?  Click the “Book Now” Button

Mischelle will excite the audience and can speak on a variety of topics, all with passion and enthusiasm.  Pulling from her personal journey, audiences relate to Mischelle trusting what she has to say and having faith that she can impact their lives. 

Her speaking style is a mix of fun and depth .  Her goal with every event is not just to guide, but also to inspire people to make changes and take action.  Each event is entertaining, yet delivered with the purpose of impacting someone’s life on a deep level.   

Since Mischelle deals with beliefs and thoughts, she can speak on a wide variety of topics:


Stress Free Parenting 

Stress Release

Returning to Work Stress Free

Develop Good Habits


Playing Big

And More…

Mischelle Raftery