I Can Ride My Bike

I Can Do It!
I Can Ride My Bike

Reece wakes up, it’s another day, and another day has its challenges.  Today’s challenge is learning to ride his bike after removing the training wheels.  This lyrical story  addresses childhood fears and stresses the importance of perseverance.  Reece loses his balance and falls off  the bike over and over again.  In spite of the adversity he brushes off the dirt, ignores the bruises and tries again.

It tips and dips then it goes down.
Reece hits the floor and bangs his crown.
Because of his helmet it doesn’t hurt.
Dad helps him up from the dirt.

He brushes off and wipes his eye.
Dad asks “Do you want to give it another try?”
Reece is scared but only a bit.
He gets on the bike and says “I can do it!”

With the support of his family and friends he sticks it out and learns to ride his bike on only two wheels.  This fun to read rhythmic rhyme teaches a lesson about hard work, overcoming failures and the road to success.