I Can Learn To Swim

I Can Do It ~ I Can Learn To Swim

Ronnie knows that he can’t swim
in deep, deep water like his brother Jim.
The water is scary when it goes over his head.
is mouth can’t breathe and his eyes turn red.

 Ronnie can’t swim and it’s ruining his summer.  He must pass the swim test to go off the diving board and down the slide. Jim, his older brother, teases Ronnie, “There’s a monster hiding in the drain at the deep end!”   In spite of his fear of the water and the monster, Ronnie decides to learn to swim and pass his swim test.   His mom signs him up for swimming lessons with a coach at the community pool.  

 Coach Maureen holds Ronnie’s head so he can float.
Just pretend that your body is a little boat.
Let your neck relax and your head ease back.
You’re a nice pirate ship that never attacks.

 Ronnie keeps telling himself that he can do it.
If he wants to swim in the big pool, he has to get through it.
Mom said you’re doing good
moving in the water just like you should.

 Ronnie works hard with his coach every week and practices every chance he can.  After a few weeks, it’s time to take the swim test, but he has to swim right past the monster in the drain.  Through overcoming his fears, perseverance, and hard work, Ronnie goes from a non-swimmer to someone with Olympic potential. Read this lyrical book and find yourself cheering Ronnie on.  Your children will empathize with Ronnie and conquer their fears of the water and what lurks beneath.